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“ . . . . . Feed 1000 people with the volume of Food

the average family throw in the bin every year . . . . . “

In a time of tight budgets and fragmented media opportunities the feed the 1000 offers your LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE campaign the opportunity for maximum exposure and impact. The unprecedented level of coverage that these events have received from regional television, over 70% of the events appearing on the evening news, means that they offer you ultimate way to drive home the message and change behaviour.

The Concept

The concept is very simple –the average family throws away approximately 1/5 of the food they buy. Over the course of a year this equates to over 1000 potions of food. The Love Food Roadshow takes the volume of food that the average throws away every year and turns it into delicious tasty meals. Very simply with give the food away. There is never any shortage of people that are willing to sample the delicious meals and it is a great way of engaging the public and being able to talk to them about food waste.  Often the food ends up feeding in the region of 1500 hungry passer byes.

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Feed 1000 - The Big Lunch

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“ . . . . . The Complete Solution . . . . . “